Cost-aware computing

Cloud computing has the potential to revolutionize scientific computing, much as it has transformed enterprise information technology. By providing an elastically scalable pool of computing resources that can be provisioned on demand or automatically, cloud computing can allow any researcher to perform even the largest data analyses. Yet cloud computing is no panacea in its current form. First, it requires significant technical knowledge to efficiently provision and manage cloud resources. Second, it can easily become expensive, even when resource provisioning systems automatically provision and release resources as needed.

The Scalable Cost-Aware Cloud Infrastructure Management and Provisioning (SCRIMP) project aims to address these challenges by developing new, more efficient cloud provisioning methods and integrating these new methods into automated cloud and HPC access tools. In so doing, the project will improve the complexity, cost, and efficiency of leveraging cloud computing platforms by an order of magnitude or more.

Our research focuses on four core areas: (1) developing new cloud profiling models that can efficiently predict application performance (execution time, accuracy, and resource usage) across heterogeneous environments; (2) exploring cloud pricing and performance modeling to support provisioning of volatile instances at low cost and with low risk; and (3) creating an automated cost-aware provisioning service using serverless infrastructure to deploy tasks on diverse computing resources based on time, monetary, and service cost constraints.

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