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ProxyStore provides a unique interface to object stores through transparent object proxies that is designed to simplify the use of object stores for transferring large objects in distributed applications. ProxyStore is backed by a suite of object storage backends including shared file systems, Redis, and KeyDB and custom backends that enable multi-site workloads and fast intra-site communication via RDMA.

ProxyStore’s goals are to:

  • Improve productivity. ProxyStore enables easy decoupling of communication from the rest of the code, allowing developers to focus on functionality and performance.
  • Improve compatibility. Consumers of data can be agnostic to the communication method because object proxies handle the communication behind the scenes.
  • Improve performance. Transport methods and object stores can be changed at runtime to optimal choices for the given data without the consumers being aware of the change.


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Funding and Acknowledgements

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Greg Pauloski
Ian Foster
Kyle Chard
Valerie Hayot-Sasson